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Kanopy offers benefits for everyone

At Kanopy we believe that kids must have the space to experiment and to keep their privacy. This is why we are creating a tool to help parents have the peace of mind they deserve while making sure their children are safe.

Peace of mind for parents, privacy for teens


Kanopy runs a series of analysis to allow you to keep the peace of mind you deserve while cultivating a trustworthy relationship with your kids. Choose the level of protection you need, have access to the latest information regarding minors online safety, connect with parents who are sharing the same issues and get notifications as soon as something looks fishy.


Kanopy want you to keep your own private space so you can live your life freely without worrying about what your parents will see. However, we also want to make sure you are safe so in case we detect that something is not quite right, we will notify you and your parents timely without showing them any type of sensitive content.

Peace of mind for parents

Kanopy is an essential tool for parenting in the digital age. It is like the helmet you give to your children when you get them a bike.

Privacy for children and teens

Kanopy maintains your child’s privacy and cultivates a trusting relationship between you two.

Expert advice for better trust

We give you tailored, expert recommendations on how to address the issues Kanopy flagged, with your children.

Tweens and teens need to experiment in order to become responsible adults. Unlike other monitoring apps, Kanopy provides them a safe space to do so while protecting their privacy.

Camilla Bran, Psychologist